The Najdorf Sicilian arises after 1 e4 c5 2 Nf3 d6 3 d4 cxd4 4 Nxd4 Nf6 5 Nc3 a6. The Najdorf has been and continues to be a tremendously popular opening at all levels. It is sharp, unbalanced, with many theory-laden lines – and fun. The main lines after 6 Bg5 e6 7 f4 are steeped in theory, making them tricky to play, especially for players with limited time to study.

This book will entertain you. Exactly 100 main games all of which are 25 moves or less is the foundation. In addition to the main games, you will find numerous miniatures and part games included in the notes, along with many other complete games. The main games are all between players of least a rating of 2350, except when somebody strong falls victim to a sharp lower-rated opponent.

You will encounter numerous tactical puzzles along the way, along with tests to reason your way to the right move, spotting combinations as well as studying the theory associated with these lines.

While the theoretical coverage may not necessarily be as deep as in opening monographs or repertoire books, there’s usually more than enough to give you a good understanding of the particular line, making it easier for you to incorporate it into your opening repertoire. We have also tried to include some key alternatives with analysis to give you an idea of other possibilities for both sides.



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Chess Miniatures Series

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“As usual Carsten’s theoretical coverage is thorough. The books are not repertoire based, but give a full examination of these topical openings. Is it limiting only to show miniatures? Maybe, but one somehow get the purified version of a successful strategy, when the games are not complex battles, but a slam-dunk”

Grandmaster Peter Heine Nielsen

Coach & Second to World Champion Magnus Carlsen

“Every chessplayer dreams of winning quickly and beautifully in his favorite opening. Carsten Hansen’s new “Miniatures” Series shows you how to do that, divided by opening! A novel and entertaining approach. But as they say – wait, there is more! It’s in the nature of chess that miniatures can only be won following mistakes by the opponent. The books can also show you which early mistakes to avoid so that you don’t lose quickly and beautifully in your favorite opening. Get the volumes with your openings and use them as preparation for your next tournament!” Grandmaster Lars Bo Hansen

Author of the "Master Chess" Series

“Instructive and entertaining. That is how a chess book should be! Getting absorbed and amazed without even thinking about it – which is what this e-book will do to you – learning and (which is important at my age) remembering becomes much easier and enjoyable. The format works surprisingly well – miniatures don’t have to be dull – sometimes less is really more.” Grandmaster Sune Berg Hansen

Six-time Danish Champion

Winning Quickly at Chess Series

The bestselling series – each volume featuring more than 100 annotated games of 15 moves or less, with plenty of game references and tactical exercises. The books are available in both print and ebook formats.
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New Series – First Volume Now Avalable

Tired of being recommended to study tactics but the tactics in the books do not look anything like what could arise in the openings you play? Well, here is the answer: opening specific tactical exercises split up by variation from actual games.

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