Miniatures in the Queen’s Indian: 4.g3 The subject of this book is the Fianchetto Variation of the Queen’s Indian Defense, which arises after 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 b6 4.g3.

The Queen’s Indian as a whole has been played consistently since its invention by Aron Nimzowitsch in the early years of the 20th century and it remains a very popular opening at all levels. While its foundation is solid, things can quickly become very sharp and heavy on theory, particularly when Black plays 4…Ba6. 

The book is split up into the following chapters:

  1. 4…Ba6 5 Qc2
  2. 4…Ba6 5 Qb3
  3. 4…Ba6 5 Nbd2
  4. 4…Ba6 5 Qa4
  5. 4…Ba6 5 b3 – Minor Lines
  6. 4…Ba6 5 b3 Bb4+
  7. 4…Bb7 – Minor Lines
  8. 4…Bb7 5 Bg2 Be7 6 0-0 0-0 7 Nc3 Ne4

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